Thursday, December 14, 2017

Origin \\ Dan Brown

I bought this book as soon as it was out. Dan Brown is on my favorite writers. I love his books. I love the mystery, the adventures, and how plausible his stories are. For me, his books are a complete escape from reality. This always happens to me: I just get completely sucked up into his stories, that I just forget about the world. It took me less than a week to read these 550 pages and when I finished I felt like I had no idea what to do with my life.

I really enjoyed this one in particular. Because it takes place in cities and places I know so very well and that are really dear to my heart...The story is really well thought. It's complex yet I feel like it could be completely true!
The cover kinda of gives away the location -- Yes, it's Barcelona. I lived there for a while, and I've had so many adventures on that beautiful Catalan city. So yeah, while reading this book I could feel and smell that city, and since Dan Brown's descriptions are always so accurate I almost felt like I was the one living this story. It's a great book. Totally recommend.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

INBOX | NOVEX Mystic Curls Shampoo & Conditioner

-- how cute is this rapping?! and the little sticker! love it --

One of my favorite brands to work with is Embelleze Portugal! I love being a blogger ambassador and I love receiving and trying out all the goodies that they occasionally send me!
This time, they have kindly sent me two products from their Mystic Black line. I'm honestly excited to try these out! I have wavy hair. Not curly. Wavy. And I'm always straightening it because it's just easier to control. When I don't do it, my hair just gets all frizzy and tangled and it just looks bad. I'm going to try these out and see if they make any difference. It's says it's suitable for all hair types, so we'll see.  Oh, and I have to tell you -- these smell like magic.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

How to take care of an expensive bag

Recently I bought my first expensive leather handbag. It's something that I've wanted for a while, finally I felt like it was the time to splurge. It's a Furla Like S in Onix. I spent a lot of money on this bag. And I want to give it the best care possible. I've done some research to see how I can ensure this handbag will last me a long time, and always look good. 
Here go some general tips.

The first tip is really basic: Be extra careful! Not that I'm not careful with my other handbags, but just try to avoid careless mistakes! To be more specific: 
1. Avoid handling your bag if your hands are dirty or if you have lotion on them.
2. Avoid squishing your bag or stuffing it with too much stuff, avoiding stretching it out. 
3. Avoid -- at any cost -- getting your bag wet. Apply regularly an water-repellent spray.
3. Keep your bag out of direct sunlight, or heat sources.
4. Rotate which handbag you carry regularly so that they don’t wear out too quickly.
5. Use a suede brush to clean and revive suede.
6. Regular use of a leather moisturizer will keep the leather supple and free of cracks.
7. Wipe your bag down on a weekly basis (when in use) with a soft cloth.

Keep the inside gunk free: Use pouches to store cosmetics and liquids, which will protect the handbag lining from spills. Avoid click pens at all cost, go for pens with caps instead. Better yet, put those in your pouch too, in case of dreaded ink leaks. And candy! Don't put candy in your bag. Just don't. 

Store them properly: up right position inside the cotton dust bag they normally come in. Good substitute: cotton pillow case. Never, NEVER, store them in plastic bags, because it this traps moisture. Cross the handles over each other to avoid wear on the bag and unclip any removable straps. If the bag needs something to keep it's shape up, stuff it with scarfs, or a t-shirt, or acid-free tissue paper -- it's really inexpensive on eBay, and you can keep using it over and over. I asked for some in the store where I bought my handbag and they were super kind and gave me enough to stuff my bag.

Products that were recommended to me:
- BÚFALO Leather Protection Spay. This spray nurtures and protects the leather and it can be used on anything that's made of leather around your house. It's cheap and It really helps keeping your bag smooth and beautiful. I got it a local supermarket.
- Waterproof spray for leathers. I've gone thought many cans of this -- from may different brands, I always get at my local supermarket... I apply it on shoes all the time too. It's perfect for suede!
- Magic Eraser (also known as melanine sponge). Bought a bunch of them off of eBay, really cheap. It's great for cleaning hardware and little decorations. Also works really good on shoes btw. You don't need any product, just a tiny but of water and it just makes everything shinny and lovely again.

How do you take care of you bags? Let me know your tips and what works for you in the comments!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Review | ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Pallet

Lately I've been hearing -- and reading -- a lot of good things about Zoeva products. Everybody talks about how great their brushes are, and how good their pallets are... So yeah, I caved in and I bought a pallet. Honestly, it was kinda of hard to choose one, Zoeva pallets are all so beautiful. From what I've seen, their pallets are all really complete,  meaning, I could do a complete eye look without needing any other shade. And this of course, applies to the one picked up.

I ended up getting the Cocoa Blend Pallet. Which is inspired in one my things in the word -- Paline Chocolates! 
Honestly, I feel in love immediately with two metallic shades on this pallet as soon as I saw it: warm note and pure ganache. And even tho I'm not too into really bold eye-looks, I have to admit I'm absolutely dying to wear these two on my face.

First of all, just take a good hard look at this mother fucking packaging! I honestly think it's the most beautiful pallet I've ever seen. I love how the gold picks up and reflects the light... I love the pattern, I think everything about it is just stunning.

The pallet comes with 10 shades, which is pretty good. It has 4 fully matte shades (bitter start, beans are black, substitute for love, and freshly tosted) 5 metallic shades (sweeter end, warm notes, subtle blend, pure ganche and delicate acidity) and one shade that I think we can call glittery (infusion). 

-- here are some poorly performed swatches, as usual. enjoy --

All the shadows are super buttery. They glide on very easily and they are super blendable. Really. I've been fooling around with this pallet a lot -- manly because I want to create a cool look to wear at my office's Christmas party this year -- and even these eye-shadows are super pigmented, they blend almost seamlessly with almost no effort. I am so in love with warm notes and pure ganache
Oh and one more thing -- although this is inspired by chocolates, it does not have that disgusting, sweet, chocolate smell that the too faced chocolate pallets have. Thank god, because I hate that. It's so nauseating. 

Overall, this pallet is awesome. And it is not that expensive. I believe was 27€ or something around that. I really think these shades are perfect for everyday, but also for when you need a little unf. And  I need unf  in my life. Don't you?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sunday, November 26, 2017

My life | My life is a Mexican soap opera

Writing posts like this always helps me. Writing in general helps me to get my mind straight, so bare with me...

My life is shit right now. Why? Because I screwed up. Remember that guy I was dating...? Yeah, he kinda messed me up really bad. Our relationship was toxic and destructive. He changed me so much to the point that I don’t even recognize my self. I'm so messed up, that I’ve been having this recurring dream where I keep getting texts from my friends, my brother, my mom, asking what happened to me, what happened to the girl they all used to know.  This is how broken I am.

We broke up in August. And since that I’ve been devastated. I mean, there was a time where I was dragging my self trough the ground. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I cried every day and every night... It was though. Mostly because of some of the things he said...

And then, around Halloween, my best friend came here, trying to pull me out of this dark hole I was in. She is living abroad and as soon as she realized how messed up I was, she caught the first flight to Lisbon. She is amazing. We went shopping, I got my hair cut, we got all dressed up and went out. She was only here for a week, and one of the nights she also wanted to hang with this guy that she knows. I went too and the three of us spent like 4 hours just talking, laughing and making jokes. 
This guy was really nice. A simple guy, from the north of Portugal. I have no idea how tha'hell she knows is him, since he just moved to Lisbon. He told us that he has a girlfriend, who’s in the UK and that he doesn’t really know anyone here yet. So we all went out again the next two days. 
He got my phone number and after my friend left he stated texting me. I wasn’t interested in him at all. He is super smart and funny, and hanging out with was fun. But I could tell from the way he was texting me that he wanted more than just hang. But I has so down, I was feeling so bad about my self, that I was ignoring any of his invites. For almost a week he invited me every single day for something. I always came up with an excuse not to go.
In the meantime, my ex-boyfriend decided that he missed me and that after all he wanted to be with me again. I was super happy! I went to meet him, we here going to have dinner. But than we saw that I had the tinder app installed on my phone. It wasn’t even logged on with my name! My friend and I, we used it when she was here, just to see if we could find anyone we knew, just to laugh and to make me think of something else. He lost his mind. He almost called me a whore and once again made me feel like I was worthless. 
But you know what, sometimes you just need a huge slap on the face to wake up. I cried all the way home. But when I got home I realized that this person has been destroying me for the past year.

The other guy was still trying pretty hard to see me again, so I the next day I went and had a coffee with him. Just coffee. And we had fun. And the next day he invited me for dinner. At his place. I was really reluctant to accept his invite. I really was. Called my friend. She said “go, and enjoy being with someone that is dying to be with you”. And you know what, he was. We had dinner and wine, we talked and made fun of each other’s accents, and we kissed and we slept together. And for the first time in so long I fucking felt like someone was attracted to me. This guy was so persistent, he even went to the trouble of cooking me dinner, while knowing that I wasn’t really that interested in him! My confidence was totally recharged! And now I honestly feel so much better about myself. I feel like a curse was lift of. I feel like everything is bright and beautiful again. Everything has colour, everything has life. I can't explain. I know that I'm a cool, smart, amazing girl, and that I deserve so much better than the other asshole. I’m in control of my own life and my own feelings and although I still do think that asshole is my soulmate, he just can’t understand what he made me trough. He doesn’t understand how much he messed up with my head, with my values, with my identity. I almost hate him for that.

So yeah, this is what's been going on. For the past few weeks I’ve been having fun with that other guy. I thought this was a one time thing, that we wouldn’t want to be with me again. But no, he kept texting me, he kept wanting to be with me... I went to his place a couple of times, we talk, we watch movies, we drink, and do other stuff. I am having fun, and I feel like I’m finally my self again. 

I have zero romantic feelings for him. Specially because he has a girlfriend. He told me that they have some sort of agreement... and open relationship or whatever. I don’t know if I believe him, but I don’t care. This is doing me so good, let’s just forget that technicality!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review | COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip

I'm not too into lipsticks, you know that. I like soft, natural, pink-ish tones. I prefer lipstick' colours close to my natural lip shade. And when I find one that I really really love, I pretty cable of wearing it every single day. I have a Chanel one that I love -- it's a very classic looking lipstick, my favorite ever. For me it's just perfect for to wear every day. 

Lately I’ve been having some selfestime issues. I haven’t felt like my self, to be honest… I’ve had more anxiety issues in the last few months than I’ve had in my whole life. And this is something that is very hard for me to deal with. I’m not the prettiest girl alive, but I’ve never had this lack of selfestime, body-image issues, and lack of confidence that I’m really feeling now. But I’m know how to deal with this, and I know I can deal with this – I’m already dealing with this! And one of the best ways to make you feel amazing is with make up. Just spicing up my every day routine makes me feel way better. Really. And I know that this shade isn’t really that outside of my comfort zone, but it’s different than what I’m used to. This shade is called Sunday and it’s slightly dark dusty pink.

It’s a ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick. And yes, it lives up to its name. It’s super matte but I don’t feel like it drys up my lips. The applicator is small, which is kinda good, if you, like my, have small lips. It’s really easy to apply, the formula is very smooth and, much like most of ColourPop’s products, super pigmented. It’s not streaky and one coat is enough to cover you lips.

And I honestly love the packaging. You know I really like simple, sleek and clean packaging, and I think this tube really checks every box for me. The chrome lid, the clear tube, the simple lettering.. Perfect. And very beautiful to pull out of your make up bag in the middle of the office. And I honestly think this colour is perfect for the holidays!